What is UWC?

Well, UWC is short for the United World Colleges. A set of some of the most amazing colleges spread out all around the world. UWC comes together with one mission which states, “UWC makes education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.” I think the philosophy should mean a great depth to you. Education is a necessity that some children are deprived of in this world we call “modernized.” It is often believed that how a child acts and reacts is the product of the values that he was educated with. When one places people of different nations and cultures all together in one school, it really creates a microcosm of the world. The thought that despite what they wear, eat, behave, they’re exactly a set of 16-18 year olds ambitiously trying to make a difference. Does that sound like you? Well then, you’re on the right track.



Hello everyone! I’m Monique Santoso and it’s the first time I’m using a blog. One of the many reasons I created one was to document my life in UWC Dilijan. UWC Dilijan is the 14th member of the United World Colleges group worldwide. Ever since I was in the 8th grade, every prayer I chanted, included it. Now, by the grace of the Almighty whose blessings I feel everyday, my dream is a reality. I guess it’s true when people say they’re living on a prayer.

I’m a 16 year old Indonesian with hopes of improving the world for the better. I understand that my vision is a big one and one must implement what one says and because of that, I will try my level best to do so. Besides being what I am on a habitual basis, I intern for the National Paper and a lawfirm. I took a part time job as an interior designer during the summer to improve my communication skills now, thankfully, I am an avid MUN-ner and have chaired a conference (RISMUN). I also founded Indonesia’s first youth talent platform (larve-s.tumblr.com), projecting some of the most God-created talented people in my country.
I am psyched to share my UWC experience with all of you as I am an example of how reading previous blogs can help you with getting to know the campuses and missions better.
I’ll be blogging everyday and hopefully, it’ll help me improve my communication skills too! Any queries will be happily answered. Stay humble, stay blessed.

Lots of love,